Event in Baux de Provence Yves Brayer museum

Exposition temporaire

Une vision du bonheur - les peintres de la Réalité Poétique

March 11th > December 31st 2021

Eight painters are gathered in 1949 under the name of "Réalité Poétique" by Gisèle d'Assailly in the book she dedicated to them. Maurice Brianchon, Christian Caillard, Jules Cavaillès, Raymond Legueult, Roger Limouse, Roland Oudot, André Planson, Constantin Terechkovitch exhibited together in the interwar period.

They were recognized in the mid-sixties by critics and historians as essential for the life of modern painting in France. Painters of happiness, their subjects celebrate the simple life, nature in the continuity of tradition. Anxious to overcome the violence of Fauvism and the rigors of Cubism, they reject the academicism of the Fine Arts and the hold of the avant-garde.

Colorists, designers, concerned with composition, they painted, all their life, with sincerity and truth. Intimate, nude scenes, landscapes, silent natures, express the simple beauty of a pantheistic universe with a naturalism that is the source of hedonistic poetry.

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