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Exposition temporaire

ROBERT DOISNEAU - Le Temps retrouvé

May 8th > November 12th 2023

Born in Gentilly in 1912, died in Montrouge in 1994, Robert Doisneau is part of humanist photography of the 20th century.
He began photography in 1929 and joined André Vigneau's studio in 1931, which enabled him to publish his first reports.
After the war, he regularly published in newspapers such as: Life, Point-de-Vue, Regards or Picture Post.
Kodak Prize in 1947, Niepce Prize in 1956, he was invited to participate in important international exhibitions.
An observer of Parisian life and its suburbs, his work, testimony to a bygone era, is imbued with nostalgia, humor, irony and tenderness.
He remains one of the most famous photographers of this century.
A tireless worker, he will have succeeded in tearing a work of photographer out of a schedule overloaded with industrial or advertising orders that make him live.
The Yves Brayer Museum presents an anthology of 50 iconic images of passers-by, strangers and celebrities which allows the visitor to understand this endearing work.

"The world I was trying to show was a world where I would have felt good, where people would be kind, where I would find the tenderness that I wish to receive. My photos were like proof that this world can exist." (Interview with Frank Horvat in Entre Vues, 1990)


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