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Become a sponsor of the Museum Yves Brayer

The Yves Brayer museum intends from 2017 to update its scenography,
to modernize the highlit of the works and its route of visit. 
For that purpose, we look for sponsors, art lovers and beautiful stones,
worried about the sustainability of this adventure led by the family of the painter,
as well as the cultural dynamics of one of the most beautiful village of France,
to help us in this fascinating company.

All the suggestions and the participations are welcome and will be taken into account,
analyzed with the parties concerned.

To obtain the details of the project
and maintain you with us of the organization of this construction site,
you can contact: 
de l’organisation de ce chantier, vous pouvez contacter : 

Association du Musée Yves Brayer
22 rue Monsieur le Prince
75006 PARIS