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Géniale Folie

From May 12st to November 13st, 2022


In 1881, Camille Claudel, an 18-year-old precocious genius, came to Paris to complete her apprenticeship of sculptor with Alfred Boucher and, later, Auguste Rodin. This meeting will establish an "extraordinary" relationship of pupil, model, lover, giving a definitive turning point in the fate of the young girl whom twenty years separate from the master. The exceptional character of their relationship will produce works imbued with symbolism and modernity. At the end of the 19th century, the exclusively male art critics will recognized the talent of "Rodin's pupil", a qualifier that the artist denied all her life, claiming her status as a woman artist. Even today, the public tends to sum up his life through his love affair with Rodin and her internment. This omits the modernism of an artist in advance on her time who paved the way for Symbolist and autobiographical sculpture, notably with famous works, such as La Valse, l'Implorante, Les Causeuses, etc.

It is the fight of a lifetime in a century, where the woman artist has little room, that Yves Brayer Museum’s exhibition proposes to revisit by presenting some thirty works on loan from collectors and French museums including the Camille Claudel Museum.



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